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New Nanotechnology Development Guidance

By James A. Vroman

The Massachusetts Office of Technical Assistance ("OTA") has recently posted its Guidance Document "Nanotechnology - Considerations for Safe Development."   The OTA, in an effort to encourage the development of new technologies and to promote innovation and entrepreneurship, recently posted this guidance on its website.  The OTA recognizes the vast innovative, economic and employment opportunities nanotechnology offers.  At the same time, the Office acknowledges that the development, manufacture, distribution and disposal of nanoparticles may create substantial human health and environmental risks.  Accordingly, the guidance offers those who are engaged, or about to be engaged, in the development, manufacture or distribution of nanoparticles, or products that will contain nanoparticles, advice and directions on such matters as risk reduction plans, worker safety programs, "preventive materials selection and process design," use and post-use disposition as well as on a number of other issues and considerations.  The guidance also identifies a number of useful and informative resource materials on these issues.