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WHO Announces Second Meeting On Global Collaboration In Chemical Risk Assessment

Grayson_Lynn_COLORBy E. Lynn Grayson


The World Health Organization (WHO) has announced its second meeting focused on strengthening global collaboration in chemical risk assessment to be held 29-30 March 2012 in Bonn, Germany. The first meeting was held in March 2010.

The two day meeting will follow up on key issues and priority actions to address the needs identified in March 2010 including: capacity building/training; chemical risk assessment/sharing knowledge; risk assessment methodology; and, research. The objective of the first day of the meeting is to provide an update on tools developed to increase capacity globally in chemical risk assessment and propose strategies to enhance update of risk assessment methodologies. The objectives of Day 2 of the meeting are to further explore interest in participating in a WHO Risk Assessment Network, to discuss the Network design in terms of vision, goals and objectives, structure and function, as well as to propose options for its implementation.

The WHO previously identified ten chemicals of major public health concern that are an important focus in the continuing risk assessment work:

  1. Air pollution
  2. Arsenic
  3. Asbestos
  4. Benzene
  5. Cadmium
  6. Dioxin and dioxin-like substances
  7. Inadequate or excess fluoride
  8. Lead
  9. Mercury
  10. Highly hazardous pesticides

More information about this upcoming meeting and WHO's outreach on chemicals and related risk assessment is available at http://www.who.int/ipcs/en/.