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New MOU For EPA And DoD

Grayson_Lynn_COLORBy E. Lynn Grayson


EPA and DoD have entered into a new Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to advance the use of innovative technologies and their mutual interests in sustainability. This MOU is entered into between EPA through its Office of Research and Development, and the Department of Defense through its Office of the Deputy Under Secretary of Defense for Installations and Environment, to establish relations between the two institutions regarding collaboration on their mutual goals.

The Office of Research and Development (ORD) is the scientific research arm of EPA, whose leading-edge research helps provide the solid underpinning of science and technology for the EPA. The work at ORD laboratories, research centers, and offices across the country helps improve the quality of air, water, soil, and the way these resources are used.

The Office of the Deputy Under Secretary of Defense for Installations and Environment ((DUSD-I&E)) is the principal advisor to the Secretary of Defense on matters related to Department of Defense (DoD) installation capabilities, programs, and budgets. Responsibilities include installation-energy programs and policy, environmental management, safety and occupational health, environmental restoration at active and closing bases, conservation of natural and cultural resources, pollution prevention, and environmental research technology.

Subject to mutual consent and availability of funding, EPA and DoD intend to carry out joint activities to advance the development and/or demonstration of new applications and technologies that can be used to achieve mutual sustainability goals. These applications and technologies will use both new and existing data about health and the environment, as well as new data developed within the scope of this MOU.

EPA and DoD intend to cooperate in research, development, and demonstration of technologies that can be used to achieve mutual goals. Joint EPA-DoD activities are expected to be undertaken subject to available funding and resources within each agency. Each party may contribute funding and in-kind resources, depending on the collaborative project, which is consistent with the goals, missions, and programmatic requirements of the party.

The MOU is effective for five (5) years until 2017.