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UN Declares 2013 International Year Of Water Cooperation

Grayson_Lynn_COLORBy E. Lynn Grayson


Water stress issues in the United States and abroad are growing in numbers and significance. Recognizing the priority that should be accorded the goal of addressing water needs worldwide, the United Nations (UN) has declared that 2013 will be the "International Year of Water Cooperation." Adopted in 2010 by the UN General Assembly, it is hoped that this special resolution will serve as a platform to increase people's awareness of water-related problems and promote action on ways to resolve them. Increased cooperation is needed to confront water management challenges worldwide in light of growing demands for water access, allocation and related services. Special events throughout 2013 will focus on education, culture, gender, sciences, conflict prevention and resolution as well as the importance of ethics in negotiating water rights. World Water Day will be held on March 22nd and will draw even more attention to the critical importance of these concerns. More information about the International Year of Water Cooperation and the work of UN-Water is available at http://www.unwater.org/.