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State of Green Business 2013

Grayson_Lynn_COLORBy: E. Lynn Grayson


GreenBiz and Trucost have released a new report State of Green Business 2013 that details natural capital or environmental costs as well as identifies the top ten sustainable business trends in 2013.

Environmental cost data addressed include for example:

  • Environmental costs rose 8% between 2007-2011
  • Environmental costs in 2011 for U.S. companies was $352 million
  • "absolute" environmental cost or financial value of companies environmental impacts was $351.6 billion in 2011 for U.S. companies

The top ten sustainable business trends of 2013, briefly summarized, are as follows:

  1. companies take stock of natural capital
  2. sustainability becomes a matter of risk and resilience
  3. corporate reporting gets integrated
  4. the sharing economy makes its mark
  5. commerce gets relocalized
  6. machine to machine (M2M) enables to use of greener machines
  7. sustainability goes app crazy
  8. materiality becomes material for investors
  9. companies look past their goals
  10. peak sustainability threatens corporate progress

This report is rich with data addressing, among other topics: direct and supply chain environmental impacts; absolute environmental costs; energy consumption rates; GHG emissions; water intensity; air emissions; wastes; recycling; and, sustainability.

The report, State of Green Business 2013, is available for free download with registration at http://bit.ly/YUgOqd