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2015 Paris Climate Change Accord

Grayson_Lynn_COLORBy:  E. Lynn Grayson


The U.S. was the first nation to submit its recommended outline of the global accord to be adopted at the Paris climate conference. The 2015 agreement will have to bring together the current patchwork of binding and non-binding arrangements under the UN climate convention and will be effective in 2020.

Key factors addressed in the U.S. submission include:

    1. Continuing U.S. opposition to a bifurcated approach requiring only developed nations to address climate change;

    2. Recommending that the agreement be "built to last" and flexible enough to address changing scientific, economic and technological circumstances; and

    3. Requiring a new agreement that is ambitious and ". . . reflects the seriousness and magnitude of what science demands."

It is anticipated that countries will make similar submissions so draft negotiating text is ready for the Lima climate conference in December 2014. Submissions outlining suggested elements for the post-2020 global accord are posted at http://unfccc.int/bodies/awg/items/7398.php.