Environmental & Energy Cert. Petition Watch
EPA Evaluating Regulation of Impacts to Water from Fracking Activities

Environmental & Energy Cert. Petition Watch

Bandza_Alexander_COLORBy:  Alexander J. Bandza


As part of the “Environmental & Energy Cert. Petition Watch” project, in the past week, the following EHS-related petitions have been filed, denied, or granted.  For a full list of EHS-related cert petitions submitted from August 2013 through the present (as of February 16, 2014), click here.

I.              FILED

State of North Dakota v. United States Environmental Protection Agency, No. 13-940

Lower Court:  8th Cir.   

Subject:  Clean Air Act  

Question(s) Presented:  Whether the Eighth Circuit applied the incorrect standard of review and erred in upholding EPA's assertion of authority to overrule the reasonable policy and technical decisions made by the State of North Dakota in its Visibility Program state implementation plan, contrary to the authority delegated to the State under the Clean Air Act, 42 U.S.C. §§ 7401 et seq., and in conflict with decisions of this Court and other federal courts of appeals establishing the division of federal-state jurisdiction under the Act.

II.            DENIED


III.           GRANTED